The power of social media

Yesterday we (me and Yvonne) published a photograph on Facebook and we let it go viral (26 shares) and guess what? Within 10 hours sold to an European collector. As usual: only one (framed) print per image. In the meantime preparations for the official opening (first weekend of April and only for invitees) are making our lives quite hectic for we have also our own work to do. The gallery will  be open on appointment. One of our markets is the tourism stream that passes along our premises between Cape Town and Cape Agulhas (Southernmost tip of the African Continent). Already now we experience quite some interest from overseas tour operators and local tour guides; partly thanks to a targeted approach on social media and partly a direct approach added with word-of-mouth.

Prices of the jewellery (South African Sterling Silver combined with naturally bonded soil-/crushed rock particles vary from R 350.00 to R 1250.00.

The framed photographs, most of them in 40x30cm suitcase format but also up to 80x60cm for the big suitcases, vary from R 2000.00 to R 9000.00. There are also small prints in numbered series of 10 (R 300.00 each) and ‘Explore Napier’ postcards (see picture) for R 20.00. One EURO is approx. 14 to 15 Rand.

explore napier VIDA


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