Varieties on a theme

7-3-17-8The Jangle Dangle Earrings are a great success. The design is based on the mathematical calculations of the 12th century Italian scientist Fibonacci. Its fluent line attracts not only the eye but also adds comfort of wearing. The Jangle Dangle is made of South African Sterling Silver and soil/crushed rock particles in a wide variety of colours. The particles are grounded and naturally bonded together with the silver wire. They work as three balanced ‘pendants’ from the ear. If one looks at the final pieces, one will see how delicately, intricately and exquisitely each pendant hangs, individually, from a tiny common point. They are not soldered together; each of the three pendants somehow hangs perfectly in place. And in harmony with its opposite piece on the other ear.

New are the varieties of the ‘Jangle Dangle’ theme. Instead of three just two pendants; one set with the pendants bend to each other and the other directing in opposite sides. The shape of the stones can be a circle or a half circle and available in a variety of soil/rock colours. From the beginning of next month it’s possible to visit (after appointment) our ‘Private Gallery‘ in Napier, Western Cape, South Africa; about 90 minutes drive from Cape Town.


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