At the Greyton Art Walk

Some of the jewellery designs Yvonne will have on show at the Greyton Art Walk this weekend (2-4 December) in Greyton, Western Cape, South Africa. Over 100 selected artists present their work throughout the village. The Studio98 stall can be found in the main venue (DR-Church Hall) with a presentation of photographic art (Herman van […]

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In Greyton

This weekend in Greyton: The Greyton Art Walk (2-4 December). It is one of the major art events in the Western Cape, South Africa with over 100 selected artists. The main venue is the DR-Church Hall. You will find us there.

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With love from Yvonne

Heart of love Spanish Maria Angeles-Porcel with one of Yvonne’s necklaces. Sterling silver combined with natural bonded earth minerals and pigments. Handmade: from melting the silver to shaping it. Available at Studio98 along the main road in Napier, South Africa. This weekend (2-4 December) also available at the Greyton Art Walk; one of the largest […]

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Showing off

Photo-collage of an African Fish Eagle and Spanish photo-model Maria Angeles -Porcel showing off earrings made of Sterling Silver combined with natural bonded earth minerals/pigments. Jewellery made by Yvonne de Wit.

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2-4 December in the DR-Church Hall during the Greyton Art Walk (one of the major art events in the Western Cape, South Africa).