The Art Scene

A ‘Photo-Graphic’ is basically a photo (-collage) with added textures and digital in-painting/drawing. In this ‘Photo-Graphic’ I borrowed symbolics from mythology and the bible.

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The curious Cape Cobra

(A ‘Photo-Graphic’ is a photo with added textures and with digital in-painting/drawing) The snake or serpent represents evil in the bible. Many bible stories however are however based on myths from times long before Christ was born. This inspired me to create this photo-graphic; there is a lot of mythology in the sidelines. See for […]

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Mythology in Paarl

A long time promise fulfilled: a visit to artist Nanette Ranger in Paarl. Such a privilege that she took a whole day to show us around in her studio and garden. There is this small enclosed garden between the workshop and the house of artist Nanette Ranger in Paarl. It’s a different world out there; […]

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Dragon’s Lair

Dragons and eagles play an important role in myths from around the globe. Myths are, basically, about ‘good’ and ‘evil’. In the Venda culture in Southern Africa, for example, eagles represent the ‘good’ in narratives and ‘snake like monsters’ (dragons alike) the ‘evil’. For this photo-graphic imaginary I used elements from Norwegian mythology (Norske Miögatör), […]

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