Haiku photography at Studio98

In South Africa ‘Haiku Photography’ is a relative unknown phenomenon. There are only two people in this country whose ‘Haiku Photographs’ are known outside the own country borders. These are Lize Bard from Pretoria (alias for a professor at the Witwatersrand University) and our own resident photographer Herman van Bon. The latter will exhibit some […]

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Haiku Dance

Haiku Photography by Herman van Bon and Haiku by Lisa Shea Printed on rice paper Framed. Size 40×30 (in frame) Available at Studio98 in Napier, South Africa. (Only one print)

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Haiku Photography 2

Haiku Photography by Herman van Bon This weekend at the Greyton Art Walk (Greyton, South Africa) All framed and printed on rice paper. Size approx.: 43 x 32 xm. Only 1 of each with Certificate of Authenticity.

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Greyton Art Walk 2

Haiku Photography is a fairly unknown phenomenon in South Africa; sharply in contrast with other countries in Northern America, Europe and Asia. As far as known only two photographers in South Africa are engaged in this art form and Herman van Bon is one of them. At the Greyton Art Walk he will display some […]

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Haiku Photography at Studio98

Haiku photography combines an image with a short poem to link the essence of nature with human life. The idea is not to describe, but to allow readers to enjoy a similar experiential feeling that the artist had. Besides Herman van Bon there is only one other photographer in South Africa practising Haiku photography (‘Lize […]

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