At the Greyton Art Walk

Some of the jewellery designs Yvonne will have on show at the Greyton Art Walk this weekend (2-4 December) in Greyton, Western Cape, South Africa. Over 100 selected artists present their work throughout the village. The Studio98 stall can be found in the main venue (DR-Church Hall) with a presentation of photographic art (Herman van […]

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In Greyton

This weekend in Greyton: The Greyton Art Walk (2-4 December). It is one of the major art events in the Western Cape, South Africa with over 100 selected artists. The main venue is the DR-Church Hall. You will find us there.

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With love from Yvonne

Heart of love Spanish Maria Angeles-Porcel with one of Yvonne’s necklaces. Sterling silver combined with natural bonded earth minerals and pigments. Handmade: from melting the silver to shaping it. Available at Studio98 along the main road in Napier, South Africa. This weekend (2-4 December) also available at the Greyton Art Walk; one of the largest […]

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2-4 December in the DR-Church Hall during the Greyton Art Walk (one of the major art events in the Western Cape, South Africa).



Rings designed and genuine handmade (no casting) by Yvonne de Wit Sterling Silver combined with brass. Available at Studio98 along the main road in Napier, Western Cape South Africa. Participant of Greyton art Walk 2-4 December and Creative Napier 27-30 December

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Haiku Photography 2

Haiku Photography by Herman van Bon This weekend at the Greyton Art Walk (Greyton, South Africa) All framed and printed on rice paper. Size approx.: 43 x 32 xm. Only 1 of each with Certificate of Authenticity.

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Greyton Art Walk 2

Haiku Photography is a fairly unknown phenomenon in South Africa; sharply in contrast with other countries in Northern America, Europe and Asia. As far as known only two photographers in South Africa are engaged in this art form and Herman van Bon is one of them. At the Greyton Art Walk he will display some […]

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