Dutch farmers have to go green

Extract from a Dutch newspaper. But I wonder about the situation on the wine farms in South Africa and the health their consumers. (annually the average vineyard is sprayed at least one per year with herbicides and many, many times with systematic fungicides and pesticides (systematic means that it takes a long time before there a no poisonous residues left). CHEERS!!!

(Photo-Graphic by Herman van Bon

A relatively large number of pesticides are found in the blood of Dutch farmers and house dust on farms contains no fewer than 144 types of agricultural poison. European standards offer little protection because they do not look at the total health effects of simultaneous exposure to several substances. Researchers fear numerous diseases, including Parkinson's disease, cancer and reduced fertility.
42 percent of Dutch agricultural land is contaminated. Minister Piet Adema (Agriculture) writes this in a letter to the House of Representatives about the deteriorating water quality. The minister refers to pollution with fertilizers, such as nitrogen and phosphate.
But that is not the whole picture, experts say to NU.nl. There is also widespread contamination with pesticides. The extent of this was revealed last month by interim results of a European study led by Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Agricultural poisons not only accumulate in the soil of fields, but also in farms - and in people.
Researchers found a total of 144 different pesticides in house dust in the homes of Dutch farmers. "That is on the high side compared to other European countries," says professor of soil physics Violette Geissen of WUR. "The concentration of pesticides in water and the amount of substances in the air is also above average in the Netherlands."

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