A photo documentary

Last week we spend 5 days in Hondeklip Bay in the Northern Cape, South Africa. Yvonne had a workshop (jewellery making from beach findings) organised by the Namibia based Benguela Current Convention.

Once this small town was a flourishing fishing and mining community but that all changed. Except for one company the mining industry left (commercially not viable anymore) and the fishing industry was moved to another town 400 kilometers South of Hondeklip Bay. 

One of the villagers, a business man himself, stated “Political and corporate gangsterism”. I rather stay out of politics but I could understand. After the industry left no rehabilitation was ever done. To get to Hondeklip Bay one has to drive 56 kilometre on a poorly maintained gravel road and arrive ‘rattled and shaked’ thanks to the corrugated road surface. 

And the town itself? Despite poverty there is a positive attitude amongst the population (approx. 1000) but no faith in politics. 

See for yourself:


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