Haiku photography at Studio98

In South Africa ‘Haiku Photography’ is a relative unknown phenomenon. There are only two people in this country whose ‘Haiku Photographs’ are known outside the own country borders. These are Lize Bard from Pretoria (alias for a professor at the Witwatersrand University) and our own resident photographer Herman van Bon. The latter will exhibit some of his ‘Haiku Photographs’ in Studio98 this month.


“Haiku photography combines an image with a short poem to link the essence of nature with human life. The idea is not to describe, but to allow readers to enjoy a similar experiential feeling that the artist had. Traditional haiku has a kigo, or a reference to the seasons”.

“Herman Van Bon is a fine art photographer originally from Netherlands that currently lives in Napier, South Africa. He covers topics from landscapes to portraits and has an exquisite eye for detail that makes his photographs transcend the immediate exploring metaphors of ancestral worlds.
His creation is joining the earthly with the celestial with a splendid poetic touch that transforms his photographs into magical universes that captivate viewers´ eyes and emotions.
He has the heart of a poet something reflected in his haikus and how he deals with his artistic inquisitiveness mixing different media graphic tools to get to beautiful imaginary photographs”.
– Kappuccetto Rosso in GigArte


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