Studio98 in 2021 (to be continued in 2022)

When we started our gallery a few years ago it was to present our own work. In 2021 we have achieved a lot. We are very grateful for the enormous support of our clients and numerous people from the area we live in.

In 2021 we started with workshops and lunch concerts for a maximum of 20 people. Last month we added guest artist (Marina Blight from Bredasdorp) and we also invited retired goldsmith Christine Farrington (UK) to introduce the jewellery designs of Yvonne for a selected public. We also participate in ‘Creative Napier’; a periodically returning art event where 15 local artists present their work in different locations in the village.

In 2022 we continue our story.

Studio98 is not mainstream but a niche (and a damn good one too … if we may say so ourselves). This also implicate, as with most niches, that we had to find our market. We got a pretty good idea now.

See for yourself in 2022.

Happy New Year.

Herman van Bon, Yvonne de Wit.


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