Soon at the Greyton Art Walk 2

(see posting of 2 days ago)

For your agenda: 19-21 November Greyton Art Walk in Greyton, Overberg District, Western Cape, south Africa.

It’s where Herman (instagram: @hermanvanbon) and Yvonne (@yvonnedewitjewelry) will present some of their new works.

Yvonne de Wit designs and creates unique jewellery of Sterling Silver and pure copper as single pieces and in very limited editions. No mass production!!! She is, as far as known, the only one in the world who masters the art of binding pigmented earth minerals into stones that are heat, frost and water resistant without the use of artificial resins. See for yourself in the DR-church Hall at the Greyton Art Walk.

If you are unable to visit there is still the art event Creative Napier during the last week of December where 12 artists from this village present their work in 10 different locations in Napier. Yvonne will present her work at home: Studio98 along the main road (98 Sarel Cilliers Street) and you are welcome.

Here some of her works (the bracelets/bangles are at the moment a ‘hot item’).


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