The past two years we’ve seen our group of clientele grow. Being in a small village and starting an art gallery targeting a niche market is a challenge; different from that of small town galleries ‘going save’ with work of established artists.

Studio On 98 (previously Private Gallery Napier) is preparing itself for ‘post-COVID’. The name change is one for we also attract overseas attention although it will take a few years before the tourist influx in South Africa is at its 2019 level again. In the meantime we target the local market a bit more.

One of the new activities which we hope will come off the ground before the 2020/21 Festive Season is the workshops ‘Jewellery making of beach findings’; ‘Photography’ (portrait, landscape, architecture) and ‘Intuitive painting/drawing’ with local artist Carin Maehr. Soon more about this new adventure.

At this stage we are also re-arranging the gallery but visitors are always welcome. By appointment in principle but we try to be open from Friday to Monday; if the OPEN sign stands along the road Studio On 98 is open. No admission fee.

BTW also the front of the gallery will undergo some changes in the next few months; in fact we already made a walled plant in the front and the hibiscus trees are growing extremely well.

Here it is as it looked two months ago:



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