This weekend at Greyton Art Walk

This weekend we present our jewellery and photographs at the Greyton Art Walk in Greyton, Western Cape, South Africa. Hope to see you all.

One of the new items in Yvonne’s collection is the ‘Wave of the Whale’. It’s a limited edition of necklaces made of South African (naturally bonded) crushed rock set in South African Sterling Silver. The piece is hand crafted with basic hand tools. Silver pellets were first melted and shaped in sheets before the painstaking process of bending (horizontally and vertically).

Besides the ‘Wave of the Whale’ Yvonne shows some other new designs next to the existing collection.


Herman shows his ‘African Feet’ next to a few Overberg landscapes on canvas (120 x 80cm) plus a photographic triptych of gargoyles. 

If all goes well at the printer he also launches his second book ‘Landscapes of the Overberg’ (46 of limited edition of 51 already pre-ordered). See previous posting.

New are also a few series of budget friendly pictures (set in maroon coloured passe-partout) of Overberg Landscapes for respectively R 200.00 and R 350.00.

See for yourself. You are welcome. During the weekend the Private Gallery in Napier is closed.



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