Customer of today

As a relative young gallery, operating in a niche market, Private Gallery Napier is doing quite well. We don’t target quantity but quality; virtually every visitor (‘by appointment’) goes home with a purchase.

Today it was a couple from Randburg (Johannesburg) who spend a few hours in the gallery and we also invited them to one of our neighbors.  The couple, who own Choosy Travellers, knew about us via social media and, although they drove through Napier many times in the past, they never realized that there are so many things to do and to see such as the largest sundial of South Africa, the work of so many artists and crafts people, etc. etc.

Well, they now know and as soon as Napier (including our gallery and guest room) is on their website it’s also linked to around 10,000 followers, etc. on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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